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Coupon Printing Issues? Here a Few Tips - Hip2Save

Specifically they are mentioning issues with Smart Source coupons, but I know this problem arises with all of the main printable sites. Here are my go-to tips on fixing your coupon printing troubles. Switch Web Browsers This is my quick tip for fixing a lot of problems on the internet. Currently most coupon sites are having issues printing in Chrome version So if you are using Chrome , try getting Firefox and trying to print there.

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Current Version of Java One of the common alerts you will get with Smart Source coupons is that your version of Java is out of date. Most of the printing softwares run on Java so head over to Java. New updates can happen over night, so this may be something that was working yesterday and now you need to fix. Even this morning for me I had to update Java to get coupons….

If you miss this box your coupons can timeout and never print. If your pop up blocker is on, you need to watch for the symbol in the top right corner that they blocked a pop up and then select to always allow pop ups for that page. Then reload the page and try again….

Problems Printing Coupons – Troubleshooting Guide

Just wait a few weeks and let others help iron out all the wrinkles, then go ahead and upgrade. This is a great tip no matter the electronic device. With web browsers there are dinosaurs there too. Most websites and coders no longer write code for Internet Explorer 6 and many no longer support 7 either, yet… over people came to Southern Savers in the last month with one of those web browsers.

For web browsers, updates are FREE! Look at the first point above and download a new version, the internets will become a magical place for you. Check Your Printer This is the most obvious of my tips, but before you print make sure that you have paper and ink in your printer. Coupons powered by Coupons.

Red Plum & Smart Source Coupons to Print 8/6/17

I'm a stay at home mom of five girls. I have no problem printing from SmartSaver. Maybe try a different web browser?

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I also have the same issue. If you don't have the very latest Adobe the print can fail due to security reasons Press F12 and go to the 'Console' and look for errors. It downloads scripts and stuff from a ton of different places, then you download a PDF that has code in it to connect back to smartsource.

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What a mess. I think I might have found my problem out though I need to do more testing out.

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I had in adobe "ink toner saver" checked. Once I unchecked that the coupon that just failed to print anything out printed. I tried everything else before trying this "ink toner saver" checkbox.